Dji Terra Pro

Dji Terra Pro

Support your P4 RTK missions with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station – offering real-time differential knowledge to the drone and forming an correct surveying answer. The Mobile Station’s rugged design and OcuSync 2.0 transmission system ensures you can acquire centimeter-degree accurate knowledge along with your P4 RTK in any condition. A new RTK module is built-in directly into the P4 RTK, offering real-time, centimeter-stage positioning information for improved absolute accuracy on image metadata.

There are plenty of adjustable parameters (altitude, pace, gimbal pitch angle, aircraft heading, etc.) you could management to get the desired degree of detail from your survey. For enhanced accuracy, Ground Control Points may be easily included. But how you put that information to work and extract the best worth from it is dependent upon the software program you select. DJI Terra is a simple-to-use mapping software developed to assist trade professionals rework real-world situations into digital assets. With seamless connection with DJI Phantom 4 RTK drones, DJI Terra is the platform which businesses can use to begin their next-era of environmental mapping.


Get realistically sharp representations of your environment all through various industrial applications, be it accident reconstruction, recreating thin energy lines and complicated vertical constructions, managing main projects and more. Generate highly detailed 2D orthomosaics and 3D models with enhanced absolute accuracy by setting Ground Control Points and checkpoints, so you can measure and inspect with ease. Terra is a straightforward to make use of mapping software developed to help business professionals rework real-world scenarios into digital property. DJI Terra lets you harness the ability of AI-driven mapping options to help you take your industrial initiatives to the next degree. For detailed web site inspections and accident reconstruction conditions, DJI Terra’s picture inspection device lets users closely examine every photo used to create the model so they can pinpoint and highlight critical components.

dji terra

Please observe, this hidden field is to stop bot submissions and getting into knowledge will end in your comment being discarded without moderation. To improve team communication and reporting all through ongoing initiatives, annotation labels can be edited and shared. DJI has released a new replace for DJI Terra, making it faster and extra accurate than ever before. A perform has also been added that allows operators to generate a prescriptions map utilizing the levelling variable fee technique to improve crop yields. Instant substitute of DOA merchandise, together with fault analysis over the cellphone with considered one of our 4 technicians, free returns and replacements of defective gadgets. A new update has made Terra more environment friendly and correct than ever earlier than.

How Can Dji Terra Help Me?

Gaps in the mannequin can be as a result of missing pictures of the realm being mapped, or pictures taken at poor angles. The high quality of reconstruction can be affected by elements corresponding to reflective surfaces within the space , or large areas of the same colour or sample . In photogrammetry and distant sensing, ground sample distance in an aerial digital photograph of the ground is the actual distance on the ground captured as represented by pixels. Generate excessive-decision orthomosaic, enabling you to get detailed and correct measurement results for all your crucial projects.

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